Boomerang, the University College Campus Magazine

Having a meal together in the college cafeteria. Andafter that, instead of watching a soap, doing an assignment withsome fellow students or rehearsing a Shakespeare play. Lots ofstudents would find this almost absurd, but some actually preferit. They live at a campus designed for 'academic education'.Halfway through the academic year 97 percent of the 175 students atUniversity College Utrecht have got 21 study points in theirpockets. No wonder, because they work an average of 55 hours aweek.

That gives the University College students a headstartin comparison to other first year students, of whom about 90percent reaches the same amount of study points, but not before theend of the academic year. The University College students -withmany foreigners among them- have been especially selected on thebasis of, among other things, motivation and secondary educationmarks. They are offered a varied programme in English. After threeyears they gain a Bachelor's degree, which gives them access toother universities, either in the Netherlands orabroad.

University College has started nearly a year ago and hasstirred many pens and tongues into motion, in positive and innegative ways: it is said to be too elitist, too expensive, theworkload would be too heavy ... But some have called it an'interesting experiment', a fresh element in the realm of highereducation. Where lies the truth in all these stories? What is theopinion of the students and their teachers? U-blad and Boomerang -the University College campus magazine - combined forces toevaluate the situation after one year of University Collegeexperience. And they take a cautious glance at the future of thisOxford at the Dom.

This Boomerang, as centre spread of the U-blad's 3 June 1999issue, was co-produced by the editorial staffs of the UniversityPaper U-blad and the UC Paper Boomerang.

Coordination: Joke van der Glas, Armand Heijnen, Ineke vanOosten, Laura van Veenendaal

Editorial staff: Xander Bronkhorst, Anna Cieslik, Hilla Dotan,Jeannette van Gels, Joke van der Glas, Erik Hardeman, ArmandHeijnen, Dirkjan Koch, Daniela Mustata, Laura van Veenendaal, JuliaZamorska

Column: Maarten Prak

Photography: Manon van Geitenbeek, Maarten Hartman, AngeligueMeyer, Marilien Mogendorff, Wilfred van Schie, Joost van Waert

Illustrations: Joost van Waert

Language assistance: Renée Hamelinck, AnneliesKruijshoop

Final editing: Joke van der Glas, Armand Heijnen, Laura vanVeenendaal