Nobel Prize

In Stockholm, on 18 December 1999, Utrecht University'sprofessor Gerard `t Hooft will receive the Nobel Prize for Physics.He was awarded the prize jointly with his promotor, ProfessorMartin Veltman, who left Utrecht University to go to MichiganUniversity in 1981. 't Hooft and Veltman receive the 1.8 millionguilders reward for their work on the so-called weak force, one ofthe four fundamental forces in nature. As a result of the work ofthe two Utrecht alumni now the theory of the weak force can be usedfor making exact calculations, among which recently of the mass ofthe so-called top quark.


As from 1 November the University Library will be offering a newcatalogue which is also accessible through the Internet. This hasseveral advantages: it enables its users - even from their ownhomes - to consult the data on books in their possession, to submitbook requests, to make book reservations and to have them sent toany location within the university. The switch to the new, improvedsituation will take place between 22 and 31 October. In that periodno books can be borrowed, so everyone is advised, if they need anybooks, to borrow them in time. More information is available at theUniversity Library homepage (http://www.library.nl) or from thelibrary desks.


In November this university newspaper 'U-blad' will interviewUtrecht's mayor, Ms A. Brouwer-Korf. One of the subjects discussedwill be the relationship between the city of Utrecht and UtrechtUniversity and its students. The paper would like to ask the(foreign) students for help: what question would you like to askthe mayor of Utrecht? Pass on your question to the newspaper before20 October: call (030)2535552, or mail to redactie@ublad.uu.nl,or put it inthe editor's mailbox (Heidelberglaan 6).


About 25% of the Dutch police are convinced that theirdepartment management is incompetent and lacking in commitment. Thebad relations between the people on the shop floor and theirsuperiors is an important stress and burn-out factor, more so thanthe police work itself. These findings are presented in the PhDdissertation `Blauw licht in het donker' (Blue light in the dark),which will be defended by the Utrecht psychologist Nicolien Kop onFriday 15October.