Lustrum 1906. Photo: Het Utrechts Archief

Giveaway: win a photo book with old pictures of Utrecht


In 2021, Utrecht University celebrates its 385th anniversary. Every five years, there's a big celebration in the city called Lustrum, so this year marks the university's 77th lustrum. The photo book Heel Utrecht Loopt Uit! features spectacular photos of the history of these celebrations. DUB is giving away three copies.

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Students, alumni and residents: all of Utrecht goes outside to marvel at the university's lustrum celebrations. Modern-day lustrum celebrations aren't as lavish as they used to be, so we highly recommend visiting the exchibition Heel Utrecht loopt uit!, which debuted on June 17 at the Utrecht Archives. Covering UU's lustrum celebrations between 1901 and 1961, the exhibition is also accompanied by a coffee table book featuring pictures and explanations.

Lustrum quiz
Have you heard about DUB's lustrum quiz? To mark the 77th lustrum and the launch of the exhibition, DUB has come up with a quiz based on the exhibition's content. Everyone taking the quiz has a chance at winning a framed reproduction of their favourite picture of Utrecht from the Utrecht Archives.

In addition to the framed pictures for three lucky winners, DUB is also giving away three copies of the photo book Heel Utrecht loopt Uit! Do you want one? Then don't hesitate to send an e-mail with your name and phone number to before August 1st, telling us why you'd like to have it. The winners will receive a message from us.


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