'Can we know the truth? I don't believe so'

The colour pink does not exist

Photo: Andrea Martinez

The colour pink does not exist.

I recently learned something about the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Now, your eyes can only see the part of the spectrum that is between 700 and 400 nanometers, which is known as visible light. It turns out that the colour pink is the only one that does not exist in the electromagnetic spectrum. We can only see it when our eyes capture signals of pure blue and pure red. When those conditions are met, it reaches our brain and it simply creates the colour.

So... What colour are pink things? We can ask ourselves this same question when filtering and processing any information that comes to us. Can we know the truth? I don't believe so. You have to question everything. I have been thinking that the situation in Palestine is like the colour pink. You can't see it while sitting at your desk, and therefore, the image your brain creates is based on the representations you see through the media. With high chances that they are, in fact, everything except for pure.

You decide who we give power to. In Faocaultian terms, power resides in the ability of language to determine, together with other practices and institutions, which things are true at a historical moment specifically. Question everything you read, impregnate yourself with information and look under the stones for the information from which we have been deprived. Listen to the voices pleading for help in Gaza. Those are pure.

Question everything you see but try to stay sane. I know you can be on the right side of history.