Question Everything

I ask you 2 questions today.
Do you like what you are doing right now?
If Yes/No, Why are you doing it?

We all are living a blessed life. As the more superior of the species to be here at this place and time, we are lucky to be born in an evolving world, that is growing in some ways and shrinking in others. But by far, what has made us evolve much more than your normal whale[which too, is considered to be one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth] is our ability to Question the world around us.

Why this? Why that? How is it done? Why does it work this way?

At first touch, our brain starts playing ping pong on us. We get this adrenaline rush, that can only be appeased by "knowing". Have we ever thought that almost all of the greatest inventions in the world came out of this very questioning nature of humans!

The day we stop questioning is the day we might as well cease to live. If we don't question, we should get ready to be shoved around with the waves of the crowd. But then, please don't go and blame it all on God or fate. We stopped questioning. We stopped wanting to grow. So the joke is on us. Period.

Back in 2015, I was working for an MNC as a developer , the mundaneness of the 9 to 5 leeched out every ounce of creativity from me. I worked like a clockwork toy and when it got to the point where I stopped looking forward to go to work, I started questioning, about new exciting ways in which I could change things and be a part of creating new things or fixing broken ones. As a result of this, I got involved in great projects and learnt a lot more from them than I did from my daily job. It was gruelling, yes. But worth every drop of sweat.

We think that if we just live by the rules, can get by pretty fine. Agreed, living by the rules is the most natural thing to do. Even pets live by the rules of their masters. But don't you think we are doing ourselves a great disservice by not being curious about the world around us?

If we associate a question with the work we do, we will do it faster and better than anyone around us. Questioning brings clarity. If we don't have that, it is like swimming in murky waters.

We are all born on this Earth out of reason, and not mistakes. Life does not just happen to be a series of [unfortunate] events. Life is an extension of our consciousness and the way we perceive the world around us. If we question and evolve our minds, our life evolves, shoulder to shoulder.

Take a minute, breathe, and think back to the times when humans were barely existing on this Earth. If we did not have the ability to question, we would have probably ended up inside some evolved species' tartar sauce!

But, then there must be a trailing question on everyone's mind by now.
Is too much questioning bad?
Well, I will answer this with another question.
Would you like to have your doughnut sprinkled with sugar or dunked in it?
Too much of it steers our mind towards scepticism and not curiosity.

Mark Twain has a beautiful quote, which pretty much sums up how we should question: "First get your facts straight. Then distort them at your leisure"

So the first step to questioning well is, becoming "aware" of ourselves, and then the world around us.

So let me correct the heading of my blog:
Know first, then Question everything!
Be aware. Be fearless. Be grateful. Be curious.

Thessalonians 5:19-21
Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good.