Protests against UU's position regarding conflict in Gaza

Activists interrupt UU anniversary celebrations twice

protest Palestina dies Bovens foto DUB Irem Zoodsma
Photo: DUB/ Irem Zoodsma

This year's anniversary (also known as Dies Natalis) was "The future of democracy" but, to pro-Palestine activists, there was nothing to celebrate, so much so that they dubbed the event Dies Mortalis on social media. 

During the procession at Dom Square, protesters were shouting slogans at the professors. Once everyone was inside the church, rector Henk Kummeling's speech was interrupted by students who condemned the university for refusing to sever ties with Israeli universities.

The keynote speaker, Professor of Public Administration Mark Bovens, was interrupted as well. Protesters took the stage in the middle of his speech. A spokesperson for "scholars against genocide" said that she was ashamed to work for a university that didn't take a stand regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Dies 2024

Photo: DUB