Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Alleged assaulter follows lectures online after petition


A student from Erasmus University no longer has to attend compulsory lectures with her alleged assaulter. The petition she started to no longer be confronted with him has had its effect.

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Cece Dao, a student of the international bachelor communication & media, claims to be assaulted by a fellow student in 2017. She continued to see him at compulsory lectures and suffered from anxiety attacks. She started a petition demanding him to be suspended as the police investigation is pending.

The petition, which has now been signed more than 2,400 times, has forced the Erasmus administration to take measures. The compulsory lectures are now being recorded for the alleged assaulter so that Dao does not encounter him there. “It is a small step, but we have achieved something,” she tells Erasmus Magazine.


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