Be the next Campus Columnist and win 1.000 euros

All UU students and employees are eligible to enter DUB’s Campus Columnist contest. Starting January 2018, the winner will have his or her columns published on DUB’s website biweekly.

As Campus Columnist, you’ll write about anything that catches your eye and concerns the university or student life. You can write columns about the digital student card, the teachers’ English (or lack thereof), life at a student association, student housing relationships, but you can also choose to write about the Publish or Perish pressure scientists face, the bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through to submit a research proposal, or your experiences with students from a teacher’s point of view.

The jury has its own criteria each year. This year, the jury is hoping the future Campus Columnist will paint a picture of life at the university in his or her own words. The jury hopes the words will bring a smile to the readers’ faces, or will make you think about the things you would have accepted without question before.

The Campus Columnist will receive the title in the beginning of the next calendar year, along with the Erik Hardeman stipend worth 1.000 euros.

Who can participate?
Anyone studying at or working for Utrecht University on January 1, 2018, are eligible to participate. You can also participate if you’re going to graduate sometime in 2018.

How do you participate?
To try your luck at becoming the UU Campus Columnist, send in two of your own columns that are (surprising) reflections of life at university. Columns cannot exceed 500 words each. Send in your columns to Ries Agterberg: before December 1th, 2017.