Minister does not want to pay back tuition fees

Will students get part of the tuition back? Photo Pixabay

In a debate with the House of Representatives, the minister did not reveal much about her plans. The impatient opposition wanted to know what students could count on: do they have to pay less tuition fees, or do they get their supplementary grant a few months more?

But the minister does not want to hear about it just yet. According to her, 93 percent of all higher education continues: "That's no small achievement." Those who are delayed in their studies now, can make up for this in later years of study.

Peel off
Her commitment is to ensure that as many students as possible are not delayed at all. Next, she wants to "peel off" the groups of students, she said in the debate, apparently in order to get as few students as possible to be able to claim financial support.

Because she understands that some students are honestly delayed through no fault of their own. Medicine students, for example, who can't do their internships. Or students of a Hotel School (Hospitality Management) who can't receive their practical education. Her most important question: "How do we define this group?"

The opposition had other priorities. They wanted clarity for all students as soon as possible. For example, the SP argued that they should forgo six months' tuition fees. That is a generic measure, but that way you would not waste time assessing who is eligible and who is not.

Supplementary grant
The PvdA asked about the supplementary grant. After four years of study, students do not receive it any longer. Can that period not be extended for a few months, as happened with student travel product?

Governing party VVD had another idea as well: why can't students pay tuition fees per course? That way they don't have to pay for education that they don't follow during this period. It's a system the Liberals would like to implement anyway.

But the minister wouldn't say anything about it. All suggestions will be taken into account, she said. After all, the House of Representatives has asked the Cabinet to think about support for students who need it, and that doesn't happen overnight. "Everyone has to be patient."

She also thought that students should not be causing trouble regarding online surveillance during exams (proctoring). Of course, all privacy laws should be respected and the data