'Too much'

Minister of Education wants fewer outliers in rise in tuition fees

Photo: Pixabay

The tuition fees in the forthcoming academic year will be 2,209 euros. In September 2023, that amount will be increased by around 10 percent.

The annual rise in fees depends on the rate of inflation in April, which makes the calculation “very sensitive to temporary peaks and troughs”, the minister said in response to questions from Lisa Westerveld (from the Green Left party, GroenLinks) in a debate in the House of Representatives.

Fewer fluctuations
That's why he is considering a new system based on the average inflation over several years. There would be fewer fluctuations and the fees would rise less sharply: not by around 220 euros but by a quarter of that. In other words, around 50 to 60 euros.

However, the minister was not yet able to give an absolute undertaking. He will get back on the matter later this year. Westerveld inquired whether he already had a concrete proposal, but the minister would not commit himself.

“Once again, it’s a topic that I'm paying attention to and that I would like to do something about”, said Dijkgraaf, but he still has to discuss the purchasing power with his cabinet colleagues. That is going to happen in August.

No freeze
Opposition party Volt had tabled a motion asking for tuition fees to be frozen. Almost the entire opposition supported that request but the minister was unwilling to accede to it.

Inflation in April was 9.6 percent. So, the increase will be 212 euros unless Minister Dijkgraaf changes the system.