No more droppings spotted

Mouse problem in Janskerkhof coffee machine resolved

maas koffieautomaat DUB
The coffee machines are mouse free again. Photo DUB

The city centre has been dealing for years with the nuisance of mice. At the end of last year, a few employees discovered that mouse droppings had been signalled in the coffee machines at the Janskerkhof. UU's pest control company Rentokil and the manager of the Maas coffee machines teamed up to find the cause. The mice appeared to have found a doorway through a small gap at the backside of the machine. The holes have been closed with a special mouse kit.

In the meantime, an employee had filed a report with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. They then carried out an inspection. “We were told it’s completely fine now”, says Judith Ligteringen, facility manager of the Facility Service Centre in the inner city. “We always treat these kinds of reports very seriously and do our best to keep the mice out of the premises. In doing so, we do depend on the users of the properties. The more food left behind, the greater the attraction for the animals.”