Screenshot uit het filmpje dat student Hayarpi op Twitter publiceerde

Nearly six thousand signatures against deportation Tilburg student


A second-year Econometrics student at Tilburg University is likely to be deported to Armenia soon. A petition to keep her in the Netherlands has been signed almost six thousand times in one day.

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The 20-year-old Hayarpi has been living in the Netherlands for nine years now, reports the Univers news website. She was eleven years old when she fled to the Netherlands together with her brother, sister, and parents and applied for asylum here.

Possibility of detention center this week
Now, the family has to leave the country after an asylum procedure of six years and a legal battle that lasted another three years. According to Univers, Hayarpi may be “removed from her home by Wednesday or Thursday and moved to the detention center in Zeist, after which she will be deported to Armenia”.

An online petition to keep Hayarpi in the Netherlands has been signed more than 5,800 times in one day. At the beginning of this month, Minister of Migration Harbers (VVD) made an exception for the Armenian teenagers Lili and Howick, who were also threatened to be deported.

'We are innocent'
In the short video, Hayarpi, member of the youth organization of the ChristianUnion, makes an urgent appeal to the members of Representatives of her party: “Ask Harbers to help me, my brother and my sister. You have the power, please use it for us and for the four hundred children like us. We are innocent.”

How often refugee students have to leave the country, a spokesman for the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF cannot say, but according to him it is a rare occurrence.

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