He challenged the decision in court

PhD candidate suspended due to inappropriate conduct

gebouw_bloembergen foto Hans van Leeuwen
The PhD candidate has been banned from the Bloembergen building. Photo: UU/ Hans van Leeuwen

The PhD student would criticise people in public, shout while having lunch with colleagues, make negative remarks about researchers from outside the European Union, and tell women not to get pregnant, to name but a few of the issues listed by the department head for the lawsuit that took place in Utrecht this week. An extensive report about it has been published by the local newspaper AD/Utrechts Nieuwsblad.

Earlier this year, the confidential counsellor received several complaints about the PhD candidate in question. One of his colleagues reportedly had a burnout as a result of his behavior. Six months ago, the Faculty of Science decided to ban him from entering the Bloembergen building and its surroundings at the Utrecht Science Park. He is allowed to complete his PhD, however. According to UU, he has already collected enough information to obtain his PhD by March 2024, with an adapted research plan.

The PhD candidate challenged UU's decision in summary proceedings. He says it is not clear what he is being accused of. According to him, there is no proof of any inappropriate behavior. Moreover, he believes that further research in the laboratory and consultation with colleagues is crucial to obtain his PhD.

The judge will make a ruling in two weeks.