Collective labour agreement for universities:

Salary increase of 4.7 percent and more social safety

Actie fnv, foto DUB
Trade union FNV visited the USP last week to remind the universities to make haste with the new collective labor agreement, photo DUB

Despite the cutbacks announced by the new government and declining student numbers, the universities want to keep defending the interests of their employees. “With this responsible salary agreement, employers and unions send the signal that they wish to work together to address the problems facing our sector.”

The education and research chapter of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV) is satisfied with the negotiation agreement as well. “After the considerable salary increase in the current collective agreement, we’ve more than compensated the inflation of recent years with this salary increase”, says administrator Bernard Koekoek.

As the salary structure will be revised until and including scale 7, he expects a teaching assistant or receptionist can expect a salary increase of up to 200 euros.

It was only last week that the FNV accused university administrators of administrative unwillingness because they were taking too few steps to improve social safety at universities. One week later, the air seems to have cleared.

The new draft agreement says that there will be one central reporting point for social safety at every university. Confidentiality provisions can also no longer be used to forbid employees to report transgressive behaviour. On top of this, the position of the ombudsperson will be reinforced.

Furthermore, agreements have been made to tackle the high workload. Amongst other things, these are on scheduling breaks and a realistic job scope for teachers. Particularly part-timers currently tend to work too many hours.

The negotiation agreement still needs to be approved by the support base of the unions and the separate universities. The term of the new collective agreement is 1 July 2024 through 30 June 2025.

In higher professional education, an agreement was also recently reached on a new collective agreement with a term of a year and a half. This includes a salary increase in two steps, of 7 percent.