Texting on your bike will cost you 95 euros

Foto DUB

Earlier, it had been announced that it will also be prohibited for cyclists to hold a 'mobile electronic device', such as a cell phone or a tablet, in their hands.

Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has sent a legislative proposal to the House of Representatives in September. The new rules are supposed increase safety in traffic. “If you are partaking in traffic, you have to be focused. And not be occupied with your mobile phone,” Van Nieuwenhuizen said earlier, according to the AD.

The amount of 95 euros is tuned towards fines for other traffic violations for cyclists. Overtaking from right and ignoring a red light costs - excluding 9 euros administration costs - also 95 euros. Those who get on the bike while drunk and get caught, have to pay 100 euros.


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