'Delta is an independent news outlet'

TU Delft apologises for muzzling press

Vlag TU Delft, foto DUB
Photo: DUB

Tim van der Hagen, President of TU Delft's Executive Board, states on its website that Delta’s editorial staff must be able to practice independent journalism in a safe working environment.

“This should not have happened and I apologise on behalf of the Executive Board, especially to our colleagues at Delta. Delta is an independent journalistic medium. That they follow us critically is not always pleasant, but it is good and necessary. And it should stay that way.”

TU Delft is in the process of drawing up a plan to improve social safety in the institution, prompted by a critical report by the Inspectorate of Education. “The Executive Board is aware that yesterday’s events will not help this process”, writes Van der Hagen. “That is why we are apologising now.”

TU Delft was previously forced to backpedal. Initially, the Executive Board threatened to take the Inspectorate of Education to court but changed its mind following a lot of protest – and amid profuse apologies.