The bar has gotten lower for freshmen to be able to move on to the next year. Photo: Fotocollectie Anefo

University lowers norm for binding study advice again


Like last year, one less subject is being required of first-year students to be allowed to move on to the second year. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, all Dutch universities have decided to relax the norm for the binding study advice once again.

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The fourteen universities in the Netherlands chose one more time to lower the BSA norm by 10 to 15 per cent. At UU, this means that students must obtain 37.5 credits instead of 45.

Moreover, the BSA rules can be adapted even further if the circumstances of the programme so require. As always, exceptions can be made for individual students in trouble.

The association of Dutch universities (UNL) points out that many students are suffering from stress and other mental health complaints due to the Covid crisis. Easing the BSA norm, therefore, can take away some of that stress.

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