Due to misinformation and online harassment

UU no longer on X (formerly known as Twitter)

X van UU
Screenshot from X

UU's @UniUtrecht account has been dormant since mid-March. The university wrote its final post on Wednesday afternoon, announcing to its 65,000 followers that it would be pulling the plug on the profile. 

In a statement, UU explains that the reach of its X account has decreased recently, compared to other social media platforms. In addition, the university notes that disinformation, fake accounts and online harassment are common on X. "This undermines trust in the authenticity of interactions on the platform and makes it difficult to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogues."

In addition, the button to share news items from UU's website on X has been removed. The university says it wants to encourage students and employees to think about whether or not they want to stay on X.

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