UUers in search of paralympic success

Paralympic champion Sanne Voets. Photo: Mathilde Dusol

“We're going for an upgrade”, said wheelchair basketball player Bo Kramer in an interview with DUB this week. Kramer, who finished the pre-Master's in Clinical Health Sciences this year, already has a bronze medal representing the Dutch team in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. He was 17 years old. 

His team mate Carina de Rooij– Versloot, another UU alumnus who got her Bachelor's in Psychology in 2008, is participating in the Paralympic Games for the fifth time. She's hoping for a podium this year, after finishing third in Rio and London. As the reining world champion, the Dutch team is one of the favourites in Tokyo.

Amazone Sanne Voets, who obtained her UU degree in Communication Sciences in 2009, is hoping to win her second golden medal in a row in Tokyo. Together with her horse Demantur, she finished first in Rio in the modality of equestrian dressing.

Five years ago, DUs published a list of athletes who have taken part in the Paralympic Games and also studied at UU. This time, we can add Bo Kramer to the list.

Nico Blok / Table tennis

Chantal Boonacker / Swimming

Korie Homan / Wheelchair tennis

Bo Kramer / Wheelchair basketball

Marc Londo / Table tennis

Marion Nijhof / Swimming

Roos Oosterbaan / Wheelchair basketball

Fleur Pieterse / Wheelchair basketball

Elvira Stinissen / Sitting Volleyball

Rutger Sturkenboom / Swimming

Sanne Timmerman / Wheelchair basketball

Sanneke Vermeulen / Judo

Carina Versloot / Wheelchair basketball

Sanne Voets / Para-equestrian

Medal count
If Sanne Voets succeeds in winning a gold medal once again in Tokyo, she will displace wheelchair tennis player Korie Homan in our Paralympic medal count for UUers. Here's what it looks like now:   

Korie Homan (wheelchair tennis)                    gold and silver
Sanne Voets (equestrian dressing)                     gold
Rutger Sturkenboom (swimming)       5 silver medals, 4 bronze medals
Marion Nijhof (swimming)                   1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals
Chantal Boonacker (swimming)             2 bronze medals
Roos Oosterbaan (wheelchair basketball)   2 bronze medals
Sanne Timmerman (wheelchair basketball)   2 bronze medals
Carina Versloot (wheelchair basketball)       2 bronze medals
Nico Blok (table tennis)                         bronze
Bo Kramer (wheelchair basketball)   bronze
Elvira Stinissen (sitting volleybal)               bronze
Sanneke Vermeulen (judo)                  bronze

*We're aware that this list might not be missing a few names. Can you help us complete it? Then please send an e-mail to dubredactie@uu.nl