Cabinet: 'No students in public transport during peak hours'

Foto: DUB

Students should not “travel during peak hours” under any circumstances, writes (links in Dutch, ed.) State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven in a letter to the Dutch parliament. This has been agreed between the cabinet, the universities and the universities of applied sciences.

The use of public transport has been the subject of much debate due to the corona crisis. Social distancing is difficult on a train or bus. How can the virus be prevented from spreading in a crowded peak hour service?

Face masks
The government is urging people only to use public transport for essential journeys. Avoid the rush hour. Walk or cycle wherever possible. With effect from 1 June, face masks will be mandatory on public transport.

Universities and universities of applied sciences are currently planning for the situation after 15 June. If their plans are approved, some groups of students may be allowed onto university campuses if they urgently need to take a practical or exam that cannot be taken at home.

Avans University of Applied Sciences has already prepared a draft timetable for possible exams on campus, so that students can register for them in good time. But it is not yet certain whether those exams will be able to go ahead.