5 Myths about SCIENCE & FAITH

Probing the edge of science

Presenting Research results that challenge your assumptions about what can be proven

Which of the claims stated below are true?
1. Scientists are objective
2. Experimental research predicts the Big Bang
3. The emergence of life is a probable event
4. Selection of positive mutations explains complexity
5. Darwinism has advanced our society


During the lecture, these myths are refuted in an academic way. The lectures last about one hour. Afterwards, there is room for discussion. Entrance is free!

Gjalt Wijma studied Aerospace engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He regularly organizes lectures about topics at the intersection of science, philosophy, religion and supernatural experiences.

With free food (hotdogs) and drinks

When: Tuesday October 30, 17:15

Where:  Ruppertgebouw, Leuvenlaan 21  - room 119

Info:  06 52286958