<h4>No residences for internationals</h4>

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Universities: some shrinking, some growing

Fewer new students, but total number of UU students increases

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Lost in translation: sharing the workspace with the Dutchies

'They immediately switch back to Dutch'

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University to start research about it

UU considering stricter requirements for English language skills

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To diminish the influx of foreigners

Minister of Education wants more control over internationalisation

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After a successful pilot

New pre-arrival Dutch course for internationals here to stay

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Looking beyond Western Europe and North America

'Students should get the opportunity to develop a global outlook'

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After conflict with foreign scientist

Why UU quit a European project prematurely

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‘Don’t come unless you have a room’

International students ignore UU’s ‘unwelcoming’ e-mail

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‘Think outside the box’

What are international students doing to find a room?


Netherlands popular destination among foreigners too

More Dutch students heading abroad for their degree