University in need of organisational adjustment

‘UU should do more to reach its sustainability goals'


To be inaugurated in 2025

UU buys solar power plant in Bunnik

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Swapping clothes at the Botanic Gardens

‘If everybody swaps clothes, they'll always have something new’


Method is being put into question

SustainaBul: UU gets mediocre score once again


Companies must demonstrate their commitment to the energy transition

VU Amsterdam will not work with fossil fuel companies anymore

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Should the university cooperate with the fossil industry?

‘We’re all idealists, otherwise we would be working at Shell’

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Quest for alternative remediation

PFAS field at Utrecht Science Park becomes a living lab


Shell at the career market?

'Students should decide for themselves whether to work for Shell'

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Study association UAV struggles with links to the fossil industry

Only sustainable companies at UU's career days

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Students create foundation to garden with prisoners

Green fingers in prison