War in Ukraine

<p>The war in Ukraine leads to uncertainty, indignation and anger in the world. Here is our coverage of the consequences for scientific education and research and for students at Dutch universities..</p>


A magic Sinterklaas

UU student collecting gifts for children in Ukraine


Ukrainian higher education in distress

Higher education in Ukraine in peril: 'I’m the only specialist here'

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Jolle Demmers vilified for her Ukraine-Russia war analyses

'I think it's my responsibility to come up with solutions'

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One year after Ukraine's invasion

‘Independent Russian researchers are living without hope’


Support to scholars as bombs rain down

New European university aims to help refugee and dissident academics


Universities threatening to suspend scholarships

Russian military recruiting African exchange students


'This is not just a trending topic'

War through the telephone

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Is 19 degrees too cold for a lecture hall?

'My hands get cold sometimes. That's annoying'