Photo: TivoliVredenburg

DUB is giving away tickets for the Footprints Festival, at TivoliVredenburg


Artists from all around the world are coming to TivoliVredenburg to participate in the Footprints Festival, which takes place on Saturday, July 9. It's going to be an evening in which traditional and modern sounds will be mixed with influences from far away. DUB is giving away two pairs of tickets. 

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Artists from all over the world will travel to Utrecht to take part in the Footprints Festival. From England, Belgium and Switzerland to Turkey, Nigeria, and Puerto Rico. But there will be Dutch artists as well. All of them incorporate different roots, influences and techniques into their work, resulting in stimulating, danceable and horizon-expanding music.

DUB is giving away two pairs of tickets for the festival, set to take place on July 9 from 6:15 pm to 4.00 am at TivoliVredenburg. Interested? Then send an e-mail to with your full name and phone number no later than July 3. The winners will get a message from us.


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