The 3D images of Anne Rios

Who are you and what do you do?
"My name is Anne Rios, and I have just started a position of young Principal investigator at the Princess Maxima Center. In my team, we are specialized in state-of-the-art 3D imaging and are implementing novel light microscopy methodologies for studying the cellular behaviour of cancer cells during the progression of childhood cancer. In addition, linked to our team, we are building a unique imaging center, dedicated to children and against cancer."

Where is this work spot?
"For now, the research part of the Princess Maxima Center is located in the Hubrecht institute until mid-next year when the Institute will be finished to be built. The new building is under construction and is located closely to the Wilhelmina Children’s hospital. The Princess Maxima is a unique institute fully specialized in pediatric oncology. Altogether, clinicians and researchers work to improve the care and treatment of children with cancer."

What is interesting about your research?
"We are using  a new technique of three-dimensional (3D) visualization to image entire tissue at a cellular level providing an unprecedented view of organs. Within the scope of cancer, the appealing of this powerful technique of 3D imaging is to screen in details centimetres of cancerous tissue to detect any abnormal behaviour that could lead to cancer. This novel imaging methodology could potentially lead to the discovery of unexpected cell behaviour alteration, exploitable to develop new therapies.

"In addition, we have developed a display with 3D glasses, to appreciate tissues in real 3D and engage the people from the community into our journey to fight for children health. "