A beautifully written, creative column. That’s what the jury called this column, written by student Francis van den Brink. This column secured her a nomination for the title of Campus Columnist 2020.

Read in Dutch

The library was quiet. The soft sunlight peeked through the curtains, and tempted me with stories that were taking place outside of the study building. I stared at my laptop; Spinoza’s philosophical musings blurred together on my screen – until my brain ran off with them.

I imagined how I packed up my laptop, and, clutching my precious possession under my arm, walked out of the room. For some inexplicable reason, I suddenly lost my grip on my favourite, most-hated possession. In my vision, I tried to catch my laptop with my feet, which of course had its consequences. I felt myself float, followed by a loud crash on the university’s concrete floor. That’s when my imagination really ran away with me – I imagined a huge fuss, throughout the entire country. The news that a student had fallen down so hard, trying to save her laptop, was meant to be published on the front pages. She’d even lost her sight as a result of the fall. Experts threw themselves into the incident that had gotten out of hand; had it perhaps been the pressure to perform? Would they be able to prevent situations like these by reinstating study financing for those hard-working students?

After these unfathomable thoughts had worked their way through my grey matter, I looked at myself in the now-black laptop screen. I nodded. Healthy self-reflection. Francis, your week is done. Stroll towards your weekend.


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