Protest organised by students

Dozens of people protest for Palestine at Science Park library

Sit-in UB Uithof. Foto: DUB
Photo: DUB

Dozens of protesters from the action group Utrecht in Solidarity with Palestine gathered by the entrance of the University Library. They were calling for a cease-fire and for a boycott of Israel. They also used the controversial slogan From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free

They later entered the library for a sit-in demonstration in the hall. According to a spokesperson for UU, people are free to demonstrate at the library, as long as they do it in the hall and not inside, where students would be disturbed while studying. 

The protesters are unsatisfied with UU's statement on the conflict, in which the university opts not to take a stand. This is not the first protest in favour of Palestine to occur at Utrecht University. The same action group demonstrated at the city centre library two weeks ago. They also started a petition. Employees of the university joined in with an open letter condemning the university's statement.

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