Fraternity member of Unitas responsible for disrupting lecture

A group of friends from a Unitas fraternity had devised some kind of challenge to gain a lot of attention on social media by means of an unusual act. He chose to disrupt a lecture and to post the video on Dumpert. It was definitely effective. The teacher and the students were shocked by the somewhat aggressive tone. The article on DUB and on social media was widely viewed, but in general there was little appreciation for the act.

It soon became clear that the student is not part of the Earth Sciences programme. The student counsellor soon discovered that the boy had to be a member of student association Unitas. The association was contacted. The act was not yet known to rector Godelieve de Wijer. The board of the fraternity was also unaware. Godelieve: "It was clear to us that these types of acts do not fit within the association and that is why we immediately consulted with the university and with the student."

The uninvited guest turns out to be a Safety Sciences student at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. He had not anticipated the impact of his act and was very shocked afterwards. He was supposed to go to the lecture again to apologise to the students and the teacher. After a discussion with the representatives of the faculty and a student counsellor, it was decided that the student would not go to the lecture. He had a meeting with the lecturer on Tuesday to apologise and will send an email to the students of the course. For lecturer Ruud Schotting, the matter is now settled. "The conversation showed that the young student himself was terribly shocked by the reactions to his (in his own words brash) act. The apologies were credible to me and, as far as I am concerned, he does not need to be called to account any further. I sooner think that the background to this act could well be re-examined from the perspective of the fraternity."

The student counsellor still consults with the Executive Board on the possible imposition of sanctions on Unitas.