student life

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The new student association in Utrecht

U-Pad Gaming, an association for students who love to play games

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Living on your own for the first time

‘The first thing I thought was: I have to call my dad'

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Students who don't drink

‘I just don’t really like the taste of alcohol’

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Three student associations about their favourite pubs

‘You can act crazy but make sure you do it for you’

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Three students living on the outskirts of Utrecht

'My room is big and the rent is not that expensive'

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To avoid inappropriate and abusive behaviours

All first-year students to follow course called 'Consent Matters'

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Huzur snack bar, a meeting point for students since 1991

Snack bar host Mehmet: ‘I never forget a face’

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DUB's Student Podcast discusses the normalisation of drug use

'Can I still enjoy a party without drugs?'


Following last year's complaints about high costs

New measures surrounding room damage claims at UCU