The winning tug-of-war team of the Veterinary Tug-of-war Society. Photos by Evelien Germeraad.

Gold for tug-of-war team


A team of six UU students of Veterinary Medicine won the Open National Tug-of-War Championships this weekend. A surprising first.

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The victory accomplished by the Veterinary Tug-Of-War Society (VTTG) was unexpected. In its five-year existence, the UU ladies had never gotten farther than third place in the indoor championships. Last weekend, however, the students overpowered all other opponents in Renswoude. In the finals, they conquered the strong Monnickendam team.

“This is what you hope for of course, but we didn’t know it would actually happen,” says Maaike Röling, a member of the victorious team and a University Council member, with glee. She says this year the team trained just that bit harder and ‘with more focus’, led by a new coach.

Twice a week for the past month, the sixteen members of the society travelled to a hangar in Renswoude to prepare. They also spent time on strength training in Utrecht. “But the most important thing is that as a team, you’re ready and willing to walk through fire for each other. And that’s the mindset we had.”

The bruises and sore muscles afterwards were more than worth it. Maaike: “We definitely celebrated our win.”

All members of the tug-of-war society of veterinary medicine joined in on the celebration on Saturday:



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