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Universities: some shrinking, some growing

Fewer freshers but total number of university students increases


Temporary HPV vaccination point at the USP

Quick and easy: get vaccinated against cervical and penis cancer on campus

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DUB talks to three landlords

‘They’re making us out to be criminals’

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How to deal with 'difficult students'

Teacher's counsellor comes to the rescue

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Five students to form emergency board

Cambridgebar feels like a little family

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University to start research about it

UU considering stricter requirements for English language skills

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AI bot is a threat to education, though

UU students: ‘ChatGPT is not going to take over the world’

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Economics students nominate two lecturers

Six UU lecturers in the race for the 2023 Teacher Awards

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Once a German freight ship, now the home of a student association

De Oude Buis celebrates its hundredth anniversary