Heating in lecture halls and offices to be gradually reduced to 19ºC

Photo: Shutterstock

It’s beautiful spring weather and there are no classes this week. Most students and staff probably haven’t noticed anything yet, but the maximum temperature in lecture halls and offices has been lowered this week from 21 to 20 degrees. In a couple of weeks, the thermostat will mark 19 degrees.

The university still wants to find out in which research rooms it would be possible to reduce the temperature as well. That depends on the kind of research taking place there. 

'Turn down the switch'
The Dutch government is asking companies, institutions and individuals to use less energy with a campaign titled Turn Down the Switch. The main goal is to ensure that the government’s climate targets remain in sight, in addition to reducing the dependence on Russian gas.

In a University Council meeting held earlier this month, students urged the Executive Board to follow up on the request.

Extra layer
In a news release, UU President Anton Pijpers says that the university can’t stay behind now that the government is leading by example. He hopes that students and staff understand the situation “and that those who are cold will put on an extra layer of clothing”.

Pijpers promises to evaluate what the temperature drop will yield for the university and how students and staff will respond to it. A workgroup is going to monitor the university's energy consumption. UU is also considering increasing the temperature in the buildings in the summer months to reduce the need for cooling.