On March 8 meeting in Utrecht

Invitation to share thoughts and ideas on education and research in 2040

Foto: Wikimedia

Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf agreed with the education institutions last summer that a foresight study focusing on secondary vocational education, higher education and research would be undertaken. Five research agencies will examine how education and research can best meet the needs of the rapidly changing labour market and society. “These are issues that we should take proper time to consider”, says Dijkgraaf in a video message (in Dutch).

The list of topics to be addressed will include internationalisation, funding, student welfare, flexible learning, the binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA) and collaboration between secondary vocational education, higher professional education and universities.

Together, the five agencies will carry out research, conduct interviews and organise thematic meetings with experts. At the same time, they will also listen to what those directly involved have to say. This English site give some additional information.

Four regional meetings are planned at which teachers, students, administrators and parents can share their ideas. All the meetings are in Dutch, and scheduled as follows: Avans University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg (1 March), HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (8 March), Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (9 March) and at the Nieuwe Buitensociëteit meeting centre in Zwolle (15 March). “Anyone with ideas and who is interested in and supports good education and research is welcome to come along”, says Dijkgraaf.

No preferred options
The process will conclude with a major conference in May “after which the research agencies will prepare a report based on the combined ideas and insights, in which various perspectives for a future-proof system will be set out”. According to Dijkgraaf, the report will be independent and “expressly not contain any preferred options”. The report will be presented to the House of Representatives before the summer. The government’s response to the report is expected in the autumn.