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Join our survey: How do you look back on working from home and online education?


Working from home and online education. It's the norm within higher education, since the outbreak of the corona crisis. We are now three months down the line and the strict measures are slowly being relaxed. Therefore, DUB would like to know how students and staff look back on this period. Please fill in our survey.

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Together with research agency Newcom Research & Consultancy, we therefore developed a survey, which will be distributed at several universities and universities of applied sciences by the independent media. In addition to questions about your mental wellbeing, we are also curious about your working and studying from home experiences. What were the positive and negative aspects? How did the communication with your supervisor or lecturer go? But also: what do you miss the most now that you can no longer attend university?

These are special times and we would like to know how the students and staff dealt with them. We therefore ask you to fill in this survey. It will take you about 7 minutes. DUB will publish the results in the first week of July.

Go to the survey.


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