New cyber attack, this time against Amsterdam universities

Photo: Pixabay

UvA said in a statement published on its website that it is investigating which areas of its ICT environment are affected. Certain systems will be proactively shut down as a preventative action and measures are being taken to "minimise the impact and ensure that education and research can continue to take place unimpended". As for the scale of the attack, both institutions said they will not make any statements about it.

Dutch educational institutions are no strangers to cyber attacks. Last Sunday, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) suffered a similar attack, which caused its entire network to shut down indefinitely. A great deal of NWO's work was disturbed, including a number of grant procedures. Around a year ago, Maastricht University's ICT systems were also hacked. The university was forced to pay nearly 200,000 euros in ransom to regain access to the servers.