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New restaurant Grounded Kitchen offers local products

Ground kitchen foto Trajectrum
Grounded kitchen has opened its doors at Heidelberglaan 15. Photo: Trajectum

This time there is no catering company involved. The restaurant is run by Maarten Klop, who works for Local to Local. 'We link as many regional farmers to local entrepreneurs as possible. Students from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) have been helping to do this for years. When HU asked us if we wanted to bring our products to campus, we thought that was a really cool idea."

Since Local to Local has no experience running a restaurant, Klop asked Grounded to become a partner in the project. Grounded is a Utrecht-based collective serving responsible, local food in food trucks and at festivals. Normally, Grounded only works with volunteers but the employees of the new restaurant at Utrecht Science Park are paid.

Grounded Kitchen is a working title, by the way. The official name will come after a three-week trial. This means that, if you want to try out the restaurant, you need to go there before January 1. But the boys hope to stay there for much longer after that. 

This story was originally published by Trajectum, the news platform of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.