Due to renovation of the bike lane towards the USP

Platolaan Avenue to remain closed for two weeks

platolaan, foto DUB
From September 2, crossing the street to reach the Science Park will no longer be necessary. Photo: DUB

It's been a few months since the municipality started working on extending the bike lane along Weg tot de Wetenschap, on the Rijnsweerd side. The bike lane, which is now one-way, is set to become two-way, meaning that cyclists coming from the city centre via Krommerijnbad will no longer need to cross the street. They will simply turn left instead. 

The bus lane will become a bike lane
In so doing, the municipality hopes to alleviate the traffic on this dangerous crossing, which also includes tram tracks. Those who turn left will reach the entrance to the Utrecht Science Park on the left. Then, they will be able to take the road towards Padualaan through the old bus lane, which has been turned into a bike lane going all the way to the Kruyt building.

The new setting also comes in handy for those going to the Minnaert building, as they will be able to turn left at the crossing on Sorbonnelaan without having to cross the tram tracks.

Cyclists have to detour too
To implement all these changes, the municipality has spent the past few months expanding the bike lane on the Rijnsweerd side. An additional bike lane will be inaugurated on that avenue as well, to facilitate the crossing at the end of Platolaan. That's why Platolaan will not be accessible to cars and bicycles between August 14 and September 2. Pedestrians (with or without a bicycle in hand) can use the road as the pavements are still accessible. Traffic will be diverted via Wim Sonneveldweg, straight through Rijnsweerd.

The academic year starts on September 2, but the municipality hopes to conclude the work by then. The introduction week (UIT) starts on August 14 and freshers will have to detour when going towards the sports fields on Wednesday.

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