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Record number European research grants awarded to women


This year, the Netherlands received a total of 35 starting grants – European research grants for young scientists. Utrecht University failed to obtain one of them.

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The starting grants, which are given out annually by the European Research Council (ERC), are meant for young scientists who have two to seven years of research experience since their promotions. In total, 3000 proposals were submitted this year, of which 406 were granted (13 percent). The total worth: 605 million euros – 120 million euros more than in 2016.

In total, 35 grants went to the Netherlands this year. Only large countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France managed to obtain more. A record number of grants – 40 percent – were awarded to women, more than ever before in ERC history.

Researchers can use the grants, with values of up to 1.5 million euros, to start their own research teams, providing work opportunities for over a thousand postdocs and PhD candidates.

Once again, the University of Amsterdam received the highest number of grants – six, whereas they received seven last year. The University of Groningen did well too, receiving five starting grants. Utrecht University received four grants last year – but not a single one this time.

The high number of grants awarded to the United Kingdom is remarkable: the country ranks much higher than last year’s ‘winner’ Germany.


Overview ERC starting grants 2017 in the Netherlands

University of Amsterdam 6
University of Groningen 5
Delft University of Technology 4
Tilburg University 3
Leiden University 3
Eindhoven University of Technology 2
University of Twente 2
Free University of Amsterdam/VUMC 2
Radboud University Nijmegen 1
Erasmus University of Rotterdam 1
Maastricht University 1
Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) 1
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences 1
Netherlands Cancer Institute 1
Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter 1
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam 1


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