Refugee scientists receive scholarships in the Netherlands

Begin oktober 2015 verlaat een groep vluchtelingen Hongarije, foto Radek Procyk, 123rf

There are many scientists who currently live in the Netherlands as refugees, NWO says. It’s not easy for them to continue their careers “because they encounter obstacles such as language, a different working culture, or limited possibilities of building a network.”

So, NWO is going to help them. Researchers with a refugee status can now fill out an interest form, NWO announced. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, they need to have a master’s degree or a PhD. Another requirement is that they need a Dutch residence permit.

The information of those interested is then shared with universities and other institutions, so that they may check which refugees may be suitable candidates for their research projects.

Work for eight to fifteen refugee scientists
If their request is approved, the refugee scientists will get a one-year contract at a Dutch research project, or as a project leader. This way, they’ll have the chance to connect with current research projects, and build a network.

“These academics enrich Dutch academia and society with the expertise they bring with them,” NWO expects. The money should be enough to subsidize eight to fifteen refugee scientists.

The program ‘Refugees in science’ is a pilot project. The NWO collaborates with The Young Academy, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.