Kamernet screenshot: advertised room in Overvecht

Room supply is growing "at an unprecedented rate”


There are more vacant rooms in private houses due to the corona crisis. The supply has risen by 53 percent in the past four weeks, platform Kamernet reports based on its own database. In Utrecht, there are about a hundred more vacant rooms.

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In Amsterdam, the growth of the private supply is strongest. From the end of March to mid-April, some 650 more rooms were offered there via the platform than in 2019. The number of studios and apartments for rent rose less rapidly. The supply also grew in many other student cities during that period. In Groningen by about 275, in Rotterdam by two hundred and in Utrecht by about one hundred.

The cause? The corona measures, writes Kamernet. "Houses that were initially rented out to tourists, international students, or expats are suddenly vacant."

The coronavirus also had its influence on the number of home seekers and their relocation plans. In the first two weeks after the proclamation of the corona virus, the number of Dutch people searching for a house fell, initially by almost a quarter. By now, it has almost recovered to the level of 2019.

The number of international home seekers on the Kamernet site fell by no less than half. That number is now rising as well, but is not yet back to last year's level. Kamernet cannot distinguish how many of these internationals are students.

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