Foto: WIm van het Klooster / Wikimedia Commons

Still no trams to De Uithof this summer


The plans to have the new Uithof line run from station Vaartsche Rijn from halfway through 2019 are no longer in motion. The tram will now be transporting students and other Uithof visitors in December 2019, but will do this directly from Utrecht Central Station, using the entire route.

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Very recently it turned out that repairs are needed at various locations on the new tram route. Especially the necessary adjustments to 900 meters of rails on the viaduct at Vaartsche Rijn station are a major setback.

In a newsletter at the end of last week, it was announced that, for this reason, the partial commissioning planned for next summer was canceled. The intention to temporarily use the Vaartsche Rijn station as a start and end stop was already a compromise. At the beginning of this year, it became clear that there were major problems with the construction of the Uithof line around Utrecht CS. The tram could not depart from that station any time soon.

As of yet, the municipal and provincial administrations will stick to the deadline of December 2019 for the use of the entire route. At that time, trams between Utrecht Central Station and the P + R in De Uithof must be traveling. That is one and a half years later than originally planned.

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