If all goes well, all of the students will still have a roof over their heads. Photo: Pixabay

Students will not end up on the streets because of the corona crisis


No one is allowed to be evicted from their homes during the corona crisis. Minister Van Veldhoven of Housing has agreed this with the landlord organisations and branch associations.

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Many households are experiencing setbacks rapidly due to the corona crisis. There are people who cannot afford their monthly rent, even when they would call on the government's emergency fund.

It has now been agreed upon that these people will not be evicted from their homes in the near future. Also, no collection costs will be charged in the event of rent arrears. An exception applies to criminal activities or extreme nuisance.

Emergency Law
These are new agreements between the cabinet and housing parties Aedes, IVBN, Kences and Vastgoed Belang, which together account for more than 80 percent of the rental homes in the Netherlands. "The consequences of the coronavirus affect us all," they write in a joint statement. "A comfortable house is extra important in this situation."

In addition, the minister is working on an emergency law to extend temporary lease contracts as long as the crisis continues. Generally, a temporary contract cannot be extended, so people either have to move or receive a permanent contract. Landlords don't always want the latter. Now that corona is turning everyday life upside down, it is almost impossible to find a new home.

Extreme situations
The National Student Union (LSVb) is happy with the decision. “Many students are currently losing their jobs and wondering whether they can still pay the rent,” says chairman Alex Tess Rutten. "We think this decision provides peace of mind."

At the same time, it is a measure for fairly extreme situations, she says. “Generally, eviction does not take place until there have been rent arrears for a long time. A student is then already at the end of a process.”

We did see earlier that a private landlord requested her tenant not to come home for fear of the corona virus. The UU student was shocked, but coincidentally had recently found another home.

The LSVb calls on corporations to also think together with students who are now short on money for the first time. “I once accidentally did not pay rent myself” says Rutten. " I got a call right away and I was kindly asked if I wanted to make a payment schedule."

This would also be a pleasant option for many students now. "It is especially important that corporations communicate proactively about this," she says. "As a student, you shouldn't worry all the time if it doesn't work out at this moment."

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