Fubar's gatherings forbidden until summer

Suspended Veritas members welcome again

Photo: DUB

Late last year, the student association found itself in hot water after YouTuber Tim Hofman revealed WhatsApp messages exchanged between members, some of which referred to the women in the association in crass terms. Those involved were suspended, at least while awaiting an internal procedure.

Two weeks ago, Veritas' board decided that the members would remain suspended until Februari 2, after which they would be once again allowed to join the gatherings and events organised by the association. Fubar, the group to which the concerned members belong, will continue to be banned from organising meetings or activities until summer.

The board of Utrecht University and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences have been informed about the punishment. They have yet to issue a statement whether or not they find that Veritas has properly addressed the issue.

“We realise that the board cannot always prevent individual members to show this kind of behaviour, but we think it’s essential that associations act against this behaviour,” a UU spokesperson said at the time of the controversy.