UU is waiting for the results of police investigation

USC denies involvement with new sexist list

Woolloomooloo foto DUB
A new list of Utrecht-based women is now circulating among students in the city. Depicted: the student club Wooloomooloo. Photo: DUB

The authors of the second "slut list" are not known. According to public broadcaster NOS, they describe the new document as "an attack against the plebs" to defend the "loyal USC members" who came up with the first list. They threaten to continue publishing similar lists until what they perceive as a "witch hunt" stops. 

In a statement, USC claims it doesn't have any reason to believe that its members are behind the second list. "Although the message is written in such a way as to give the impression of coming from a group of USC members, we have concrete evidence that the source is external to our association."

The women mentioned on the second list are affiliated with several student associations. The victims have contacted each other following the incident. One of them told the local newspaper AD/ Utrechts Nieuwsblad that she's received hundreds of follow requests on social media, as well as calls from numbers she doesn't know.

The new list includes members of the rowing association Triton, which was not available to comment on the incident on Tuesday morning. However, the association's board told RTV Utrecht that it reported the incident to both Utrecht University and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. It also filed a report with the police. 

In March, both institutions announced sanctions against USC over the distribution of the first list. The fraternity must present an action plan to change its sexist culture by May 1. A spokesperson for the university says that the second list will not affect the sanctions and that both the university and the university of applied sciences will wait for the results of the police investigation.

Utrecht Mayor Sharon Dijksma has also announced sanctions against USC. She hopes the list's authors will be punished in a legal case. "Regardless of the document's origin, the objectification and demeaning of women is deeply harmful and downright misogynistic.”