Confidential advisors received multiple reports

UU's Executive Board wants to fire professor accused of abusive behaviour

Universiteit Utrecht. Foto: DUB
Photo: DUB

In response to the reports, the Executive Board has decided to start a so-called dissolution procedure, in which a request is submitted to a court to terminate an employment contract. Until then, the Social Sciences Professor will not be carrying out any professional activities for the university.

The complaints received by UU's confidential advisors were presented to the Executive Board in 2022, after which the Board commissioned the independent Interpersonal Integrity Committee to investigate the professor.

The committee spoke with fourteen notifiers. In a subsequent phase, they received three more complaints in writing. Based on the investigation's findings, the Executive Board decided to terminate his employment contract.

"It is essential that students and employees feel safe. Given the nature, seriousness and magnitude of the signs described in the investigation's report, the Executive Board considers it appropriate to take this drastic measure," declared UU's President Anton Pijpers.