On the town hall square

Vidius organises protest against housing shortage on a holiday

woonprotest illustratie Vidius
Partial reproduction of Vidius' poster about the protest held on May 29

“The city is now 5,300 student rooms too short of its actual needs. Through this demonstration, we intend to take the students affected by this shortage out of anonymity, and thus make the urgency of tackling the housing crisis tangible," explains Vidius chair Gijs Grimbergen.

On June 1, the municipal council will discuss the recently-published action plan on student housing. That's why the protest was scheduled on May 29, a holiday in the Netherlands. But Vidius thinks that's actually a good thing as all students have a day off. The committee members, council members and alderman Dennis de Vries were invited to listen to the stories of students who don't have a room in Utrecht