Recently, we made a series of dialogues about diversity, racism and inclusiveness at the university. But this keyword covers many more stories about Utrecht University's aim to be an inclusive institution where everyone feels at home. This keyword also includes stories that deal with issues that stand in the way of inclusion, such as discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, origin and so on.

In depth

Medicine curriculum not diverse enough

‘Most of the images in our study materials are of white people’

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Diversity & Inclusion

Not everyone dares to speak their minds at UU

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Cultural barometer gets a new shot

Monitoring is the only way to measure the success of diversity policies

In depth

A second degree is not the answer

Highly gifted students need personalised approach


Diversity and inclusion in academia

NWO finances study into quotas for diversity in academia


Following the survey by higher education media

Minister of Education wants crackdown on harassment against diversity officers


Five universities have women at the helm

More women occupying leadership positions in Dutch academia


Azerbaijan vs Armenia

Independence lost