english language


Debate organised by Utrecht Young Academy delves into the dilemma

Why, how and when to use English in academia?


But will not move faster with new law

Minister grudgingly accepts quota for English-taught education


Mostly technical and Economics programmes

Universities: 35 Bachelor’s programmes to get Dutch-taught variant

In depth

For now, only Economics will investigate the feasibility

Dutch tracks will not be introduced anytime soon


How it is to be an international student in the University Council

Not exactly the representatives we were elected to be


Language of instruction remains a hot topic

Positive response to universities’ internationalisation plans: 'A turnaround'

In depth

Enrolment cap for English-taught tracks is the only idea they appreciate

Education Council: ‘Let’s take the internationalisation bill back to the drawing board’


Dutch MP created a new party to participate in elections

Omtzigt wants Dutch universities to have no English-taught programmes at all

In depth

Dutch student writes handbook for internationals

‘It would be nice if there would be more openness from both sides’