student wellbeing


'International students never get to rest'

Spending time with yourself

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New wellbeing group provides emotional support for activists

'It is important to take a break and process everything that is going on'


Students' mental health

Study just to pass the test or strive for excellence?

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Workshop aims to help students with suicidal thoughts

'We should talk to students about suicide'


New initiative by Utrecht Young Academy

Student psychologist Arthur van Andel wins Purple Crocodile Award


University doesn't want to grow any further

UU: 40,000 students is all we can take


The two institutions don't collaborate much in that regard

Do UU and HU students know where to get mental health support?


Faculty of Medicine and UMC help students with a new training

Students destress with VR

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Slight decrease in the number of students allowed to move on to the second year after Covid

Higher BSA requirement doesn't lead to better performance

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Twentysomethings doubt their life choices

‘I saw on Instagram that some of my old classmates are getting engaged’