student wellbeing

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Two-thirds of board members mentally exhausted

'It’s normal for everyone on study association boards to be overworked'


To reduce the pressure to perform

UMC Utrecht considers abolishing cum laude


Students in Utrecht are always busy

Could things be a bit more ‘tranquilo’, please?

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DUB's Student Podcast: having ADHD as a woman

‘Where do I end and ADHD begins?’


Trimbos Institute published report about the pressure to perform

Students more and more stressed out but they're not talking about it

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Meet the students behind DUB's new podcast

‘Why do I stay glued to my phone for so long even though I don't want to?’

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Student organisations LSVb and ISO oppose BSA

'The BSA is simply another form of selection'

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Failure is still a taboo

‘Don’t walk around feeling like you’ve failed’